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Spraycar 2.0

Product Details

Wet Marking Trolley produced in aluminum, very durable and easy to care, low weight of about 39 lbs.
Easy insertion of the paint marking spray on the practical cart.

A quick shake up of the spray cans and you’re ready to go.
Excessive pumping or lengthy battery charging times before marking is a
thing of the past.

With SprayCar you save working time, space and money:
  • quick-drying paint - annoying chalking is eliminated!
  • fine, clean lines - no clumping!
  • no clogged paint nozzles - do not clean!
  • weatherproof marking - Rain and watering do not wash the lines away!
  • environmentally friendly water-based paint
  • low maintenance - no expensive wearing parts!
  • space saving - no bulky marking accessories!
  • unbeatable value for money

Article number

Item-No.: 1-12-001
Keine Artikel in der Artikelliste.